Customers want a lifestyle not a brand

Looking at the old days of advertising, brands tell customers what to do and customers listened. Now, customers want a lifestyle and brands must find ways of offering it.

The way we talk to each other has changed drastically with social media, smart phones and virtual reality, it is no wonder communication has changed too. To remain profitable brands need to secure long term loyalty and the way to do this is by offering a lifestyle and a reason to believe.

Custom content does just that, by truly understanding your customer, their wants, needs and expectations brands can custom their communication to add value to their prize possession, the customer. It’s time for brands to give back and how they do that is by offering added value. Value is not always monetary, it can be perceived in the form of useful tips, tools, interesting facts, information and time saving a few ways that custom content and help entrench a brand in customers’ lives and hearts.

Airlines have been doing this for years with their onboard magazines. Travellers are entertained and spoken to personally while traveling.These magazines offer interesting articles that speak to travel and destinations. Offer information on things to do and places to go. This makes the traveler feel at ease and it becomes a part of the journey experience, entrenching the brand in the mind of passengers.

Box smart media can help tailor custom content and distribute it in a channel that suits the market best. Mobile, digital or print, brands can start building lifestyles customers seek.