What we do

We’re professionals who have been in the business for many years. Our commitment, passion and dedication are unrivalled in the industry.   

Sales services:

  • FUntitled design-2ormulate and implement Publishing and content marketing strategies for clients across all mediums by using editorial content to engage, inspire and educate buyers so they ultimately reward our clients with their business and loyalty.
  • Generate sales and secure long-term revenue through established connections and best practices to bring clients quality leads
  • Consolidate all marketing avenues into one strategy across all platforms that can be seamlessly integrated and create a voice for brands
  • Developing new revenue streams
  • Develop market/ communication and sales strategies
  • Media strategy, planning and buying and trade negotiations across print magazines/online and mobile

Personalised Training or consultation services:

  • Develop a training curriculum for your sales team to help motivate and drive them to close the deal in today’s media industry.
  • Give best practice advise and tips and tools to create a results-driven team of professionals
  • Offer insights from the industry from top Media Directors and Strategists
  • Help build and manage a sales team that reach targets
  • Develop strategies to monetise media platforms and bring new platforms to market that actually meet a need and generates sales