About us

We’re a Media sales company committed to providing the most consistent and professional representation of our clients’ media solutions and securing strong long-term results.

Sales services

Box Smart Media Offers an innovative way of buying and selling media that has no risk to media owners and offers clients the best solution over various platforms. Our solutions Focus on media that will deliver results be it conversions or awareness.

For media owners, there is less risk involved in carrying a cost-intensive staff compliment. Box Smart Media will represent your offering in a complimentary way to agencies and brands. We pride ourselves on raising advertising and sponsorship revenue for our clients. This has proven to be a cost effective way of working for media owners while offering brands a competitive edge through our established relationships and experience.

Training and consultation services

Box Smart Media can create a personalised training curriculum to help upskill your staff to sell better with on the ground experience, best practices and insights from top Media Directors and Strategists. If you have a platform you need to get to market, our consultation services can help you reach your targets and bring products to the market that will ensure its monetised correctly.

Box Smart Media and our Partners specialise in:

•         Media Brokerage and Freelance Media Sales

•         Media advertising sales training

•         Media Platform strategy creation, helping to monetise your advertising channel

•         Content marketing and publishing, HTML 5, interactive mobile and desktop magazines, HTML 5,     newsletters and digital Catalogues, Brochures and Financial reports.

•         Social media management and strategies by $0c1@L Consultancy

•         Web and App development

•         Media Planning & Buying

•         E- commerce design

•         Online and Print creative design

•         Sports Sponsorships and events.

•         Printing

What we do best:
Formulate and implement Publishing and content marketing strategies for clients across all mediums by using editorial content to engage, inspire and educate buyers so they ultimately reward our clients with their business and loyalty

    • Consolidate all marketing avenues into one strategy across all platforms that can be seamlessly integrated and create a voice for brands
    • Developing new revenue streams
    • Develop market/ communication and sales strategies
    • Personalised Media sales Training
    • Media strategy, planning and buying
    • Trade negotiations across print, online and mobile