Training and consultation services

Box Smart Media has over 40 years experience in successful Media Advertising sales and has extensive expertise in the Industry.

Consultation services for Publishers / Media Owners

Is your rate card really working hard enough and is your offering talking back to your client’s objectives?

Box Smart Media has extensive experience in building brands and monetising platforms.

Creating relationships that are mutually beneficial means positioning your media offering more effectively than your competitors. We can help find ways to increase your market awareness and identify your differential.

Let us help you bridge the disconnect between yourself and potential clients. We can help design a strategic solution that will see an increase in market awareness and help your platform stand out from the crowd. By offering our on the ground expertise and best practice advise from top Media Directors and Agency strategists.
We offer a unique approach to market from emails to packages that sell and a digital brand for your teams to build their presence online. Box Smart Media Training can help kick-start your platform so you can focus on what you do best.

Services include:

  • Optimising your media solutions
  • Positioning your brand
  • Designing communications
  • Creating attractive packages that sell
  • Implementing Sales techniques

Personalised Media Sales training 

Does your sales team have an entrepreneurial mindset?

Boost your staff morale and motivate them to sell with the passion and tools necessary to make the targets you require. A customised curriculum will be crafted to suit the personalities and markets you need to drive your business to. This is not your death by powerpoint training. When we not training, we selling this gives the unique benefit of proven best practices and offering real-life examples. This half day training will leave staff feeling revitalised to approach the market.

Get truthful testimonials from top Media Directors and Agency strategists on what works and doesn’t. In today’s saturated media sales market sales is an art form. We offer the opportunity to gain knowledge and tools necessary to achieve targets in a cluttered and competitive industry.

Topics include:

  • Effective relationship building
  • Results driven email communication
  • Finding the right relevancy for clients
  • Tools to build a strong sales mindset
  • South African Media sales best practices and tools
  • Research techniques that help close the deal

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