The changing face of sales and media

Companies are changing to meet the demands of ever changing customers.

This is the main reason we started Box Smart Media 4 years ago. We saw a drastic change in the media landscape and that customers were changing the way they consume media. Media is tough and when the economy suffers media is the first to get cut out of budget. Box Smart Media helps publishers streamline their business by out sourcing the sales and focusing their efforts on effective communication.

Customers want content that talks to their lifestyle and in the form that suits them. So ensuring your message reaches them in above the line (Good old fashioned print) as well as digital (On a flat screen in the palm of your hand). Our services and partners  help meet all these needs.

Services offered: 

  • Content creation, across all Media Platforms including Video & Multimedia
  • Content marketing and publishing, HTML 5, interactive mobile and desktop magazines ,HTML 5, newsletters and digital Catalogues ,Brochures and Financial reports.
  • Social media management Packages
  • Web and app development.
  • Media Brokerage
  • E- commerce design
  • Online and Print creative
  • Sports Sponsorship and events.
  • Printing

Box Smart Media works closely with media owners  and brands to make sure each party interests are best served. With the rise of social media and the spread of digital formats alongside the continued success of traditional media we talk to advertisers with the right message on behalf of all our clients.

Sales and media are changing, are you ready?