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A brief background from Box Smart Media

What we do best

Formulate and implement Publishing and content marketing strategies for clients across all mediums.

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Dedicated sales, strategic and innovative professionals within the media industry

Our Clients include

A variety of digital, out of home and print platforms targeted to an array of audiences.

Our mission

We’re a Media sales brokerage company committed to providing the most consistent and professional representation of our clients media solutions and securing strong long term results.

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Select individuals with expert media background and knowledge

Bryan Barnett


Marcelle Archer

Sales Assistant

Cheryl Barnett

S0c1@L Head

Ulric Hargreaves


Susan Warner ~ Media Buying Director : Mediology Cape Town

"Thank you Bryan and Ulric for your excellent service and hard work! Your enthusiasm and professional attitude was nothing short of fantastic. We look forward to working with you again."
Latest Articles
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Is the rate card dead?

We’d love to get your thoughts on if you feel the rate card is dead? You have the reach, you have the audience but you don’t have enough bookings for your media channel. Brands are looking for more reach and unique ways to be seen. Is your rate card really helping you sell? Clients are […]

Customers want a lifestyle not a brand

Looking at the old days of advertising, brands tell customers what to do and customers listened. Now, customers want a lifestyle and brands must find ways of offering it. The way we talk to each other has changed drastically with social media, smart phones and virtual reality, it is no wonder communication has changed too. […]

The changing face of sales and media

Companies are changing to meet the demands of ever changing customers. This is the main reason we started Box Smart Media 4 years ago. We saw a drastic change in the media landscape and that customers were changing the way they consume media. Media is tough and when the economy suffers media is the first […]

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